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    When it comes to finding the right remodeling and drywall contractor, Ceaux Breaux Maintenance is the one to call in the Davenport, IA.
    Our team is young and ready to make your house a home. From mounting TVs to landscaping, there is almost nothing our team cannot do.
    We provide both residential drywall services and commercial drywall services and will be happy to provide a free quote upon request.
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Our Services

Drywall contractor
Drywall Installation

Drywall installation is an important part of any home construction. The drywall itself fits within the frame of the house and composes the bulk of the wall. This is then taped over and our painting contractor applies whatever color you choose.

Door contractor
Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings are also called acoustic ceilings because they are often installed to absorb noise. However, many people do not like the visual aesthetic of the bumps on the ceiling. We provide popcorn ceiling removal so that your ceilings can look modern and smooth.

Laminate flooring
Vinyl Flooring

New flooring is a great way to remodel your home and add resale value. However, wood or tile flooring can be pricey to install and maintain. Vinyl flooring is both affordable and easy to clean, giving you the look of wood or tile without the fuss.

Carpentry service
Wood Work

At Ceaux Breaux Maintenance, we are proud of our custom wood work. We consider ourselves talented craftsmen who can help you with any remodeling job you may have. For more information, call Ceaux Breaux Maintenance in Davenport, IA at (309) 230-5794 today!

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